Mari Gallagher Research and Consulting Group has enjoyed a national reputation for diverse, high impact projects across the United States. Our expertise includes quantitative and qualitative research projects; financial services, housing, community development, community planning, workforce issues, the economy, immigration, and community health; commercial site assessments and hands-on redevelopment consulting; business strategies; mapping; and facilitation and public forums.

Our philosophy is that quality data and information, along with highly seasoned expertise and integrity, is what results in a successful project. We don’t believe in research assembly lines, or shuffling off key assignments to junior staff or vendors. We are a full-service firm that custom designs and executes each project to meet the unique needs and strategic questions of our clients. Strategy, precision, results - always our focus.

Mari Gallagher Research and Consulting Group is a neutral third party firm that does not engage in advocacy work, political campaigns, or lobbying. We are a wholly-owned female business enterprise operating nationwide.